Cyber Forensics Intelligence Center

Cyber Security • Digital Forensics • Information Assurance

It is truly an exciting time to be in Digital forensics and Sam Houston State University is becoming a focal point for this activity.

The city of Houston has a vast array of business that includes a strong financial presence, a thriving medical industry, and an active oil industry just to name a few. This provides opportunities for students in terms of industry internships, real-world research opportunities and overall networking prospects.  The continued integration of digital forensics into all aspects of our lives raises relevant research questions in the areas of data science, machine learning, information systems, reverse software engineering, along with understanding how to hack software and hardware.

It is not about just the theory, the mathematics, the legislation, the technology or the algorithms. It is about the ability to apply everything in a real-world environment. Digital forensics is an expanding field that is applicable to every aspect of life in both industrial and governmental sectors.

Acquiring relevant skills and the application of these skills presents a wide range of job opportunities for students. We have the facilities in place to help students get jobs and have productive careers in digital forensics.