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    SHSU is leading a consortium grant proposal to train up an army of cybersecurity pros aimed to curb the coming wave of cyber ills in the health vertical. The solution?... The AENHIAS Project! Click Here to Learn More

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Welcome to the Center of Excellence in Digital Forensics

In 2004, Sam Houston State University established the Center of Excellence in Digital Forensics. The center is dedicated to preparing digital forensics professionals through teaching, training and research. The Center of Excellence in Digital Forensics has a dedication to developing new approaches in the detection, preservation and analysis of digital evidence. The Center also provides databases to facilitate digital forensic profiling, digital fraud investigation. The Center maintains software and hardware tools to improve data detection/recovery and network security.

New developments in the digital world challenge law enforcement, leagal and judicial professionals to maintain current profiencies concerning legal issues and technical aspects in the rapidly changing enviroment. Digital Crime encompasses not only new crimes but traditional crimes committed using digital techniques. The bounddaries of forensic science are expanding, and so is the need for trained professionals. The Center of Excellence in Digital Forensics provides a mechanism to meet these challenges.

Latest News

Soliciting Research Needs

Got Research?

We are actively seking research problems and collaborations! Bring us your biggest security and investigations issues, we are up to the challenege!

SCADA Security Lab


We have just finished the second round of upgrades to our SCADA/ICS lab environment to continue investigating and remediating emerging SCADA threats.

LRD Project

Live Response Disc

We have released Cyphix, our own live-bootable live response linux distibution. Take it for a test drive and let us know if it is missing something you need!