Degree Programs

In addition to our degree programs, we also offer graduate certifications in IAS and DF.


We offer a high-quality degree in Computing Science with an emphasis in Digital Forensics.

The SHSU Computer Science Department offers three paths to an undergraduate degree. The first is the traditional computing science program which focuses on programming and theory and produces practitioners who are likely to enter the field as developers. The second is a computing science degree with a concentration in information assurance and security and focuses on practical applications of computing science. These graduate are likely to be either specialized programmers, or information security specialists who go into industry. The third track provides an emphasis in digital forensics and focuses on the digital world as a place of evidence and post-use consequences in the real world. The graduates frequently become analysts or investigators and go into industry or government working with, or as, law enforcement.


We were the first, and are still one of the best in the field, for an MS degree in Digital Forensics. The original MS program in Digital Forensics, SHSU's program has been running for almost 10 years and has produced graduates of the highest caliber, working at the highest levels of the digital forensics field.


We have applied for planning authority to be the first fully accredited university to offer a PhD in Digital Forensics. 

Please feel free to give us a call and ask about any of our programs. The department's main office can be reached at 936.294.3846.