Fall 18 Robotics Workshop

robotics 1

The Department of Computer Science at SHSU periodically supports Robotic Workshops for middle school students. The first workshop took place in 2015. These workshops strive to initiate interest in computer science concepts at an early age. Dr. Li-Jen Lester organizes and supports this initiative in the Department of Computer Science. The most recent workshop took place in November 2018.

Dr. Li-Jen Lester recruited six seniors in her COSC4349, Professionalism and Ethics class, to be trained as instructors and mentors. These students helped to deliver the robotics hardware aspects of the curriculum. The assistance helps guide the middle schoolers when they are building their team vehicle. This workshop focused on the hardware aspects of building a robot. The middle schoolers have already inquired about coming back again next semester to continue developing their robots through software development.

The impact of this workshop is not only to motivate middle schooler desires from a technology perspective but also to encourage our college students to make a difference in the community. These mentors fulfilled the motto of SHSU: "The measure of a life is its service!"