Cyber Forensics Intelligence Center

Cyber Security • Digital Forensics • Information Assurance

The Cyber Forensics Intelligence Center at SHSU is a focal point for Texas University initiatives to support digital forensics activities. Digital Forensics covers the extraction of any type of digital data from any type of digital media so that it is valid in a legal context. The research at Sam Houston State University ranges from opportunists to investigate the development, validation and implementation of novel solutions that compromise software, devices, and information systems in order to determine how comprises can occur so that relevant detection, documentation and mitigation strategies can be developed.

The centers faculty are established experts in the field of Digital forensics. The interdisciplinary nature of digital forensics encourages center collaborations with many departments at SHSU that includes the college of Criminal Justice’s Department of Forensics Science, Chemistry’s Forensic Chemistry B.S. Degree, the Math Department, and the Business School. AS the field of digital forensics continues to grow, the Center will attract new graduate students and scientist form an array of driplines who are interested in teaching, research and scholarly activities that focus on digital forensics.