Cyber Forensics Intelligence Center

Mission Statement

To conduct world-class, leading cyber forensics and security research, provide real-world training solutions, investigate cutting edge cyber forensic investigation resources; promote professional networking; and participate in open data exchanges.

Center Goal

To bring together leading industry participants, practitioners, and faculty members from a variety of disciplines to research cyber forensic and digital security topics that are of interest to governmental, commercial and legal communities in order to:

  • Deliver innovative, avant-garde, pioneering research expertise in security and forensics that solves real-world problems
  • Partner with governmental, commercial, and legal communities to improve workforce education through world-class training programs
  • Provide state-of-the-art research facilities, equipment, and training that empowers faculty to pursue substantial research funding
  • Deliver to governmental, commercial, and legal communities a collaborative operational and investigative ecosystem for identifying and resolving cyber forensics and security challenges