Computer Forensics Training
for Investigators

Cyber Security • Digital Forensics • Information Assurance

Beginning Digital Forensic Boot Camp

The purpose of this course is to introduce Computer Forensic concepts to investigators that have little or no experience. A basic understanding of computers is expected. The course will include discussions on:

  • Intro to Computer Crime and Computer Forensics
  • PC Hardware and Software Identification
  • Operating Systems Overview (emphasis on Windows-based OS)
  • Physical and Logical Data Storage Concepts
  • Manual recovery of deleted files
  • Forensic Imaging Process
    • Write blocking
    • Imaging tools
  • Introduction to Forensic Software
  • Searching Techniques
  • Potential Problems - Encryption, Hiding Data
  • Introduction to Expert Testimony

Intermediate Digital Forensic Boot Camp

The purpose of this course is to further the knowledge of the computer forensic investigator. A basic knowledge of Computer Forensic concepts and processes is required as well as a basic understanding of hardware and operating systems. The course will include discussion on the following:

  • Searching Concepts using Grep
  • Hash Sets and how to use them to narrow your investigation
  • Introduction to Windows Artifacts
    • Registry Files
    • Link Files
    • Recycle Bin
    • Swap File
    • Print Spool Files
  • Recovering Print Spool Files
  • Writing Affidavits and Search Warrants
  • Determining the scope of the investigation and pitfalls to avoid during analysis
  • Writing Reports and preparing for testimony
  • Testifying as an Expert

Advanced Digital Forensic Boot Camp

The purpose of this course is to advance the knowledge base of investigators that have a working knowledge of Computer Forensics. The course will include discussions on the following:

  • Advanced NTFS issues
  • RAID Servers and issues of preserving and restoring servers
  • Introduction to Linux and Unix Operating Systems
  • Introduction to Linux and Unix forensic concepts
    • File Systems
    • Recovery
  • Introduction to Linux Forensic Tools
  • Introduction to the Apple and the Mac OS
  • Introduction to Mac forensic concepts
  • Identifying and recovering encrypted files
  • Introduction to Stegonography
  • Keyloggers and other malware and their related issues
  • Internet forensic concepts and issues
    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
    • Chat Programs